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GS Group is an investment and industry holding, operating on the basis of its very own high technologies in telecommunications and innovation.

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General Satellite today

General Satellite — modern, innovative, high-tech electronic equipment used by major broadcasting organizations. Our equipment meets the highest international standards, and is used in domestic and international markets.


A digital receiver is a complex device that uses software which is continuously upgraded. If you experience problems with the software supplied or in the event of adding new features or advanced applications, the receiver software must be updated.


If you experience any problems with your receiver, please consult the table below before calling the service department.Service Questionnaire



GS Group is sole satellite STB manufacturer in Russia — research

GS Group, investment and industry holding, is the only company producing satellite set-top boxes in Russia, Discovery Research Group reports in a recent study.


GS Group releases brand new set-top box GS U510

GS Group, international multi-industry holding has released the new model of digital set-top box under General Satellite brand for the use in satellite TV networks worldwide. Receiver GS U510 is the first mass product in consumer electronics produced on the basis of Russian microprocessor.


A new version of software for digital satellite receiver GS-8304

Published version of the software for digital satellite receiver GS-8304 Ver. 1.2.6 (Tricolor TV).

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