GS Lanthanum chip is the first Russian-made cryptoprocessor for consumer electronics.

Processor became the core of the digital set-top box model GS U510 that the GS Group holding company brought to market in August 2013.

This chip is a real breakthrough in the Russian microelectronics industry.

Its uniqueness is largely stipulated by the fact that it was developed within international cooperation among GS Group and foreign partners while GS Group was a key manufacturer and integrator of all development and business processes.

The chip owes its name to the rare-earth chemical element lanthanum.

Assembly technology: WireBond
Topology of the
microprocessor: 40 nm
Case: TFBGA97
Core: ARM
Built-in RAM

Popular models of receivers

  • Digital Full HD satellite receiver

  • Satellite receiver B211 DVB-S/DVB-S2 featuring built-in CryptSet\ADEC

  • Digital multiple-unit HD receiver featuring built-in CryptSet/ADEC conditional access system

  • System to receive digital satellite TV

  • HD receiver featuring built-in CryptSet\ADEC conditional access system